On ‘ya’ bike kids.

READY TO RIDE TO SCHOOL … Students from St Patrick’s Primary School in Tongala, Mitchell Cornwall (11), Sienna Hocking (9) and Zeb Hocking (6) are ready to roll. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Riding a bike to school once was an everyday occurrence, now with traffic levels and security increased, it has dwindled. National Ride2School Day seeks to promote a resurgence along with improved conditions for kids to ride their bikes.

Katie Rasmussen from St Patrick’s Primary School in Tongala, said: “This will be the second year that our school takes part in National Ride2School Day”.

“This year, we have around ten students who actively ride to school. The number has dropped from last year after losing a larger cohort of grade 6 students who lived locally and were able to ride, scoot or walk to school”.

“Riding to school is good for socialisation, health and the environment,” she added.

“My advice to a parent thinking about their child riding to school for the first time is to ride or walk with your child. Discuss the route they will take before leaving and your expectations when they come to roads, corners or other hazards. If you live far away, encourage your child to ride part of the way or ride together to the bus stop”.

“We have had a change in our active travel rates this year due to a lot of ‘town’ kids leaving our school and a lot of ‘farm’ kids starting. It may take time for our rates to change”.