On your marks, get set, GO!

FITNESS PROJECT PICKED… From left (back), Tongala Primary School council president, Amber Townsend and wellness officer, Melissa Pearce. (Front) students from Tongala Primary School, Nicholas, Lachie, Scarlett, Dusty and Sophia. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Locals in Tongala have welcomed a fantastic new 400m, community fitness track, with plans to build fitness equipment stations over the June and July school holidays.

The track, which is situated at Tongala Primary School and can be utilised by all members of the community, was voted to receive the $109,500 funding by the Pick My Project initiative. Nearby to local hostels and parks, the track is easily accessible by prams, wheelchairs and walking frames, with everyone encouraged to use the fantastic space.

The fitness equipment will consist of sit-up benches, chin-up bars, dips and climbing frames, as well as a water bubbler, shade sails and seating for comfort.

Tongala Primary School students will utilise the track and equipment for morning ‘huff and puff’, PE sessions and incidental exercise. Outside of school hours, the space is open for the entire Tongala Community.

Tongala Primary School council president, Amber Townsend said, “We encouraged the community to be involved throughout the duration of the project and helped with picking some of the design and equipment.

“We were lucky to be able to utilise a local company to assist with laying the track and we are grateful and thankful for the efforts of Shepparton Armstrong Asphalts for their help.”