Opening of 1994 time capsule


Can you remember what life was like 25 years ago?

Last week students and staff of St Mary’s Primary School in Rushworth got a glimpse into the past when they opened a time capsule that was buried on December 11, 1994. The large container was still in perfect condition as it was completely sealed in a concrete cavity.

There was a lot of excitement as old photographs, letters, documents, bottles of wine, items of clothing and newspapers, including a 1994 edition of The Adviser, were pulled from the capsule. St Mary’s Primary School principal, Catherine Fraser, explained the items to the children before taking it all back to the classrooms to sift through.

1994 was a big year for the Rushworth community. St Mary’s Primary School celebrated a 40-year reunion since opening in 1954, the school was also refurbished and there was the completion of the St Mary’s Hall which was built by the local community. To celebrate and commemorate the year, staff, students and parishioners decided to create a time capsule that was to be opened 25 years later, in 2019.

Current students and staff will add items to the contents of the time capsule and bury it again, to be opened in another 25 years. If any locals would like to contribute to the time capsule, they can drop items off to St Mary’s Primary School in Rushworth at the beginning of the new school year in 2020.