Dear Editor,

After reading the letter from Simon Forbes (The Adviser, April 24) wherein Simon gave Bill Shorten a ‘back hander’ about his election promise regarding electric cars. He stated that Shorten had been caught out when he was asked the length of time it would take to charge an electric family car when, he allegedly said eight to 10 minutes but, according to Simon, this would take between eight to 10 hours. I found this hard to believe so I Googled Chargefox, the company that is installing electric car chargers across the country. I learned that these chargers would take 15 minutes to recharge the car allowing a further 400km travelling. Further to this, most of these chargers will be connected to renewable energy sources. Please note that the eight to 10 hours was way over the top even for an election campaign.

Whilst on this subject I have already noticed a few comments about how will we maintain our roads if the petrol tax disappears. The simple answer to that will be to transfer that tax onto electricity usage in electric cars. Finally, what motivates a person living in Sydney to write to a country paper in Victoria on such a matter?

Yours sincerely,

Bill Brown