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Our first time overseas

sadviser July 27, 2011

A SPECIAL CITY… Kathy and Jarnie pictured at Arch De Triumph. The pair said Paris is a special city with so much history.IT was exciting just planning the holiday, it would take in Paris, Rome, London and Dubai, this was a dream come true.
Kathy Docking of Shepparton had always wanted to do an overseas holiday and after talking about it with her daughter Jarnie, they decided they would plan it together.
Finally the big day came and they flew out to Italy, on arrival they could not believe the huge numbers of people everywhere.
This was Rome in summer, and people dressed for the occasion, on the Spanish steps all the in crowd gathered, the streets were filled with all the big brand name labels.
They found their way to the Trevi Fountain, again masses of people everywhere but it was a magic feeling just being in Rome.
The next day they joined their Cosmos tour, first stop was The Vatican. Kathy was amazed at the size of everything, St Peters Square and massive church it was all very impressive.
They found their way through the Museum and finally the Sistine Chapel with the ceiling by Michelangelo, then onto the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
From Rome they travelled to Assisi and the Basilica of St Francis and then to Venice.
It was just wonderful floating along the canals in a Gondola. Kathy says she enjoyed it as music played as they were serenaded.
MARVELLING AT THE HISTORY… Jarnie at Trevi Fountain, Rome, it was a great atmosphere, people everywhere and it was hot.After a tour of St Mark’s Square and the lavish Doges Palace they crossed the Bridge of Sighs and joined in a demonstration of Glass Blowing.
Kathy bought a Mask to bring home to her son as a souvenir of their time in Venice, but it was time to move on, next was Florence, then Nice and its famous beaches.
That night they stopped in Monaco and the famous Casino; it was interesting to see how the rich and famous lived as they played the tables.
Next stop was Paris and what a city, they decided to go out on the town and what better place than the Moulin Rouge.
The Floorshow was spectacular, it’s said that many of the dancers are from WHEN IN ROME… In Rome in summer, the atmosphere was incredible.Australia, their high-energy performance had Kathy and Jarine really caught up in the splendour of the night and the meal was great too.
On a tour of Paris they saw the Eiffel Tower, going up in the lift the view over the city was wonderful. Next the Arch De Triumphe, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame and much more.
It was time to leave Paris and fly to London, actually the whole holiday had come about because Kathy wanted to see Wimbledon.
With relatives living in London they stayed with them and soon had the Tube worked out and over the next two weeks visited all the major sights in this amazing city.
But Wimbledon was the big attraction for Kathy, they had pre-purchased tickets and just as well, the first day they arrived there were 9,000 people standing in line to get tickets.
It was hot for London, 30 degrees, but the atmosphere was electric, they saw games on a number of courts and even joined the crowd on the hill with its giant screen.
With such sunny days you had to have the sunscreen on, and there were enough fellow Aussies there that slip slop slap was call of the day.
After enjoying their time in London, Kathy and Jarnie made their way home via Dubai.
IN THE CITY OF LOVE… Jarnie and Kathy at the Eiffel Tower, you take the lift to the observation deck and the view over Paris is spectacular.It was a hot 45 degrees but if you visited one of the shopping malls, everything was air-conditioned. One shopping centre had its own ski run complete with snow, another a huge aquarium built by the same people that did the one in Melbourne.
That night they were taken out into the desert to ride camels and join a huge feast complete with belly dancers to entertain.
It was time to fly home but a mistake had been made, they hadn’t re-confirmed their forward flight and the plane was overbooked.
Kathy and Jarnie were offered a further 24  hours in Dubai fully paid for by Emirates Airlines and to top it off two free return tickets to use at another time on Emirates.
So where to next, well Kathy would like to go back to Nice and Monte Carlo, but again there’s so much more to discover in this big world.
Kathy would like to thank Rebecca at Travelworld Shepparton for arranging everything.

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