Pace lives up to its name…


SOMETHING special in the motor industry in Shepparton happened recently.

With the ever-exciting transition to electric motoring occurring across Europe, Shepparton was the host to one of the most exciting electric cars ever built…the all new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace.

Better still, The Adviser was invited to drive this new breed of car.

At the first sighting of this strikingly good-looking car the bonnet was up and yes there wasn’t an engine, it was an unusual sight.

What was even more striking, apart from the super quietness of the car was the extraordinary power it had and it was instant.

The dash is a classic (modern) design of less is more featuring a duo screen with infotainment system minus the RPM dial of course, and it’s practical and appealing.

One of the unusual features to a newbie, such as myself, is the Jaguar I-Pace regeneration braking system, which kicks in as you decelerate. The charging acts as a brake as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.

Among the many features in this state-of-the-art driving machine is the thermal management system, which protects the battery from extreme heat and cold.

Jaguar I-Pace has its own eco air conditioning system, which uses minimal power.

Its aerodynamics are extraordinary. Front left and right hand side air intakes direct air through to a scoop near the windscreen and then through another rear scoop/spoiler at the rear helping provide super efficiency.

It’s hardly surprising to hear the Jaguar I-Pace has taken Europe by storm, so much so it was the top selling car in the Netherlands in 2018.

Charging stations are based at the soon to be opened brand new Shepparton Jaguar Land Rover, 325 – 329 Benalla Road, part of the Darryl Twitt Motors’ stable of cars.

Jaguar I-Pace can be test driven by making a time with Shepparton Jaguar Land Rover, phone 5822 5885 or by visiting their Facebook page at SheppartonJaguarLandRover.


Features include:
400 horsepower
696 Nm of torque
4.8 seconds 0-100
470 km range
5 year service plan included
10 year 160,000 km warranty on battery
Zero tailpipe emissions