Parking trial sparks greater activity in CBD


There is more activity happening in the CBD. The end of year scramble has a lot to do with it however, many traders are reporting that that the relaxation of parking fees over the period is giving visitors to the centre greater latitude to spend time without the pressure of feeding a parking meter.

While the fees regime are in place, missing out on a one dollar fee can turn into an $83 fine for not returning on time. Of course, the fines still apply for overstaying the defined periods.

Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, John Anderson said,” It is clear the trials have been very successful. In conjunction with the council, we are conducting our own survey, We have a marketing organisation to carry that out, door knocking local businesses in the region to get their general opinions on how it is affecting their businesses.”

The period for the complimentary parking currently ends on January 31 however the chamber is keen to see that being extended and is advocating with council for that to occur.

The complimentary parking does not apply to the Multi Deck carpark, GV Health or Carepark carparks.

While many traders insist that their staff not abuse the parking near to their place of business in favour of being available to customers, they would also like to see sufficient untimed, free parking, to be better distributed throughout the city.

For people who want to contribute to the council online survey, go to their website at

and take time to fill out the Chamber of Commerce survey coupon on Page 11.