Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Plan to tackle crime

Editor April 19, 2017

THE Nationals in coalition with the Liberals plan to take a tough approach on crime if elected next year, following a 20 percent rise in crime across the state.

In Shepparton, the crime rate has risen a whopping 14.98 percent since 2014.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals, Steph Ryan said it was clear a different approach was needed and the Coalition had a clear plan to tackle crime.

“Rather than more of the same soft on crime approach, an elected Liberal-Nationals government would take a tough approach and introduce mandatory minimum jail sentences for the most dangerous offenders in our community,” Ms Ryan said.


STAMPING OUT RISING CRIME… The Nationals and Liberals are hoping to help stamp out the rising crime rate if elected next year, following a 20 percent rise in crime across the state, and a 14.98 percent rise in Shepparton since 2014. Photo: Madeleine Caccianiga.

“Violent repeat offenders shouldn’t be getting second, third and fourth chances to commit violent crimes – no more excuses, no more second chances, it’s two strikes and you’re in.”

The minimum sentences would apply to 11 violent offences, including rape, aggravated burglary, manslaughter by single punch or strike and murder.

Ms Ryan said these changes would extend to all areas of our community.

“Perpetrators of domestic violence, who think they can ignore the lessons of earlier violent behaviour, will face long sentences for their contempt for our laws,” Ms Ryan said.

Ms Ryan said it joined a broader suit of earlier announcements by the Liberals and The Nationals on bail, sentencing, police resourcing and youth justice which would be needed to make Victoria safer.

“In addition to sentences that better reflect community standards, the Liberals and The Nationals will deny parole to convicted murders who refuse to disclose the location of their victims, we will reinstate Neighbourhood Watch funding, introduce new carjacking offences and abolish cash payment for scrap metal,” Ms Ryan said.

“We will name and shame repeat violent offenders, expose the juvenile criminal history of violent adult offenders and we will put victims of crime first.

“This includes providing victims of crime access to criminal’s superannuation as part of compensation.”