Saturday, April 21, 2018

Plumbing practitioners must be licensed or registered

Editor January 25, 2012

THE Plumbing Industry Commissioner (PIC), Tony Arnel, has issued a reminder to consumers and plumbers that plumbing practitioners must be licensed or registered with the Commission in a particular class or type of plumbing work before they carry out the work.
“This is something plumbing practitioners should be aware of but it is also an important message for consumers looking to engage a plumber to do work at their home or property,” Mr Arnel said.
“Consumers should ask a plumber for their official PIC registration or licence ID card and if not forthcoming they should find an alternative registered or licensed practitioner.”
Mr Arnel said that Victoria has more than 24,000 plumbing practitioners who are licensed or registered with the PIC, which indicated they had the required skills and experience to undertake plumbing works.
Under Victoria’s plumbing system, upon completing a plumbing apprenticeship a person must obtain a licence and/or registration in the appropriate class(es) of plumbing before carrying out plumbing work.
Licensed practitioners – must be licensed in the specific area of plumbing work (water supply, gasfitting, sanitary, roofing, draining, mechanical services, fire protection or irrigation [non agricultural]) in order to carry out that type of work. Licensed practitioners can supervise other practitioners and issue compliance certificates.
“We know there are common misconceptions that having completed an apprenticeship in plumbing, a person is permitted to work under the direction of a licensed practitioner,” Mr Arnel said.
“In fact, the law states that a licensed plumber must not permit or direct a person to carry out any plumbing work on their behalf that is of a class or type in which the person is not licensed or registered.”
“No matter how experienced a licensed plumbing practitioner may be, they must not permit or direct unlicensed or unregistered people to carry out any regulated plumbing work,” Mr Arnel said.
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