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sadviser July 12, 2011

Dear Editor,
Surely Australians must seem some what hypercritical to Indonesians when we condemn their abattoir practices and yet our Government departments continue to shoot Brumbies and Camels from helicopters, leaving wounded animals to slowly die.
It seems the Department of ‘Climate Change’ has come up with a plan to exterminate herds of methane burping camels from outback Australia. It is unlikely this will make any significant difference to greenhouse gas and in fact, the fuel they burn trying to shoot them may well do more harm than the camels burps.
Perhaps our Prime Minister should have a good look around our own backyards first and be less influenced by Bob Brown and his mindless, idealistic Greens Party.
Stopping Australian live exports won’t change anything except Indonesia will have to import cattle from further away meaning animals will need to spend more time on the ships.
Knee-jerk reactions are needlessly hurting Australian cattle producers, when only some abattoirs were at fault anyway.
Suggestion by Agriculture Minister, Joe Ludwig that meat and livestock Australia should use members levies to compensate producers are totally unfair as it was the Gillard Government probably aided by Bob Brown’s mad Greens Party that created the problem.
Yours sincerely,
Graeme Barwick

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