Thursday, April 26, 2018

Prepare to be baffled

sadviser June 15, 2011

SLEIGHT OF HAND… Pictured, extraordinary Melbourne magician, Elio Simonetti and his dazzling helper, Eva Salleh will captivate audiences in Shepparton on May 29. Photo: Supplied.A spectacular show is coming to town. It’s headed by Melbourne’s magician extraordinaire, Elio Simonetti and his dazzling helper, Eva Salleh.

The pair take traditional illusions and make them intriguing for contemporary audiences. Live animals appear and disappear without a trace, flowers bloom in the blink of an eye, and a cooking demonstration with a magical twist provides unusual spice to the performance.

“We do magic that is centuries old,” Simonetti says, “and we also invent our own tricks. Often we’ll breathe new life into an old effect by developing an original way of accomplishing it. At times this involves choreographing a fresh sequence of sleight of hand or making a secret device. This is particularly satisfying because it baffles modern audiences and even mystifies other magicians.”

The climax of the show is Elio Simonetti’s Famous $1,000 Rope Tie Challenge. For this, Simonetti will challenge anyone from the audience to tie him up with twenty-five metres of heavy duty rope. If he can’t extricate himself he will give $1,000 to the person who successfully bound him up. It’s that simple.

The mesmerising magic of Elio Simonetti and Eva Salleh can be seen at the GV Function Room, 223 High Street, Shepparton on Sunday, May 29. Tickets are only $15 and are available from Kiddie Culture at 33-35 Nixon Street, Shepparton or phone 5822 0847 or visit