Saturday, March 24, 2018

Program to stop apprenticeship drop outs

sadviser July 13, 2011

MASTER Builders Association of Victoria last month sponsored the first ‘ALink’ program for GO TAFE, Shepparton in a bid to tackle apprenticeship drop-out rates in the region.
Association Executive Director, Brian Welch said Master Builders’ research had revealed why more than 50 per cent of Victorian trade apprentices do not complete their training.
“Dubbed ‘the apprentices new best friend’, ALink aims to bridge the gap between apprentices and the industry providing information and tools that they need to stay focused and successful,” Mr Welch said.
Over the past two years, Master Builders has developed a package of services and offerings based upon research which has found there were two main reasons for the high attrition rates. The first reason was the lack of relevant, clear and centralised information for apprentices. The second reason was a high incidence of communication breakdown between the apprentices, who are mainly Generation Y, and their Baby Boomer bosses and mentors.
“Master Builders recognised a gap in the industry and we are ideally placed to bridge that gap,” Mr Welch said.
 “We want ALink to be the one-stop-shop for Victorian building sector apprentices to go to and get the information and advice they need to get ahead.”
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