Put a smoke alarm in your bedroom: It could save your life


Over the past 10 years, CFA data shows 25 per cent of all fires that resulted in death or serious injury started in bedrooms.

Smoke alarms should be located in every bedroom and living area, and should be interconnected, to give people the greatest chance of surviving a home fire. However, just one in 10 Victorian households have their smoke alarms in the recommended locations, with many just having one smoke alarm installed in a hallway.

CFA North East Region manager, Community Safety, Darren Viney said: “This practice is based on the previous advice which means that if an alarm is activated in one area, the other alarms will also activate, alerting residents sooner”.

Most common fire causes in sleeping and lounge areas are fixed and portable heating units, open fireplaces and electrical faults. So winter is a critical time for people to be aware of the dangers that may be present in their homes.

“Smoke alarms really do save lives,” Mr Viney said. “The smell of smoke will not wake you up.”