Friday, April 27, 2018

Rare daylight Meteor flashes across Victorian skies

David Lee February 25, 2015

VICTORIANS were treated to a chance sighting of a meteor falling from the sky during daylight hours this morning; a rarity in the astronomical world.
The meteor appears to have entered the atmosphere from the western sky at 10:30am, burning brightly with an orange light, leaving a white trail behind it and is believed to have been between the size of a ping pong ball and a cricket ball.
Reports from witnesses have come in stating that the object was approximately 30 degrees high, travelling North West for about 5 degrees of arc and was bright orange, only lasting for a moment. Residents in the Cobram area reported a large bang, which is believed to have been the meteor breaking the sound barrier.
Astronomical Society of Victoria Spokesman, Perry Vlahos said, “The meteor has been seen widely across Victoria from Mildura and Yarrawonga to Wangaratta. That probably means that it was quite high to be seen across such a wide area; approximately 80 to 90kms up in the sky.
“Most likely it’s a bit of space rock left over from the creation of the universe 4.5 billion years ago or it was from a more recent collision between asteroids.
“The meteors we see in the evening are the size of a grain of sand or an apple pip at most. In order to shine as brightly as them, this one must have been considerably bigger.
“Anybody that saw it today in daylight, will probably never see another in daylight ever again.”