Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Retail sales record for Boxing Day

sadviser January 10, 2012

BOXING DAY SALES BLITZ… Shepparton Retravision Proprietor, Ray Williams was one of many retailers in the region who had record sales on Boxing Day.. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.By David Lee
A SIGH of relief came to many retail outlets across the region last month as reports flooded in on record sales during Boxing Day trading.
As 2011 saw the year begin with a below average growth in trades due to the follow on of the Global Financial Crisis in 2010, retail traders were holding their breaths on the approach to Christmas in hope that a repeat of the previous years slump would not be present.
Shepparton Retravision Proprietor, Ray Williams spoke with The Adviser last week saying the stores success during Boxing Day sales was due to better accessibility from the new location and overall reduced prices.
“Sales were much larger, the store was busier and we ended with an increase of 40% on last year’s revenue.
“It seemed more people were shopping for themselves and we had all items ticketed making it easier for our customers to capture a lot of bargains,” Mr Williams said.
Items sold at the Retravision store during the Boxing Day sale craze ranged from personal objects such as coffee makers to vacuum cleaners and televisions.