Monday, March 19, 2018
A KING AND AN OFFICER… Local resident, John Casey came across a 1979 HZ Kingswood SL Sedan in 2015 and having learned it was once a South Australian police car, he decided to return it to its former glory. Photos: David Lee.

Retired police car back on duty

David Lee October 4, 2017

BACK in its day, the Kingswood made quite the police car and I was lucky enough to see one that had been restored to its former police duty glory, when I caught up with local resident, John Casey.

John wasn’t originally looking for the 1979 HZ Kingswood SL Sedan when he came across it in 2015, but once he learned it had been an ex South Australia police car, and knowing how much of an example it was of cars of that era, he had to have it.

John said, “Originally, I was looking for a station wagon, but I ended up going to have a look at the sedan. I initially did a little work on it including replacing the carpet and a little interior work, but later in 2015, I made the decision to track down the bits and pieces to restore it to a police car.

“I got most of what I needed online and bit-by-bit I pieced it back together.

“The colour is actually known as South Australia police blue because it was the colour of the cars back then. I was lucky to get a colour match for the stripes thanks to an ex police officer who was around in that time. I was also able to match the wording and purchase and install lights, siren and radar detector so that it looks the part…and the best bit is that it all works.”