Sunday, March 18, 2018

Road safety cameras to be switched on

sadviser October 26, 2011

SPEED and red-light cameras will be progressively switched on at an additional 32 locations across Victoria from tomorrow, Deputy Premier and Minister for Police, Peter Ryan on Monday.
“These 32 cameras were first installed by the former Labor Government more than a year ago but the Coalition Government refused to activate them until the Auditor-General validated Victoria’s road safety camera program,” Mr Ryan said.
“This exhaustive report, recently tabled in Parliament, found Victoria’s road safety cameras were focused on road safety, not raising revenue and that cameras save lives.
“Given that ringing endorsement I have now authorised the activation of these 32 cameras, which will be phased in on a weekly basis over the coming months.
“The activation of these cameras are timely as October was the worst month on our roads last year with 36 people fatalities, representing an eighth of the 2010 road toll in just one month.”
Mr Ryan said last October was indicative of previous years and that the Coalition Government and its road safety partners were determined to do everything possible to reduce the road carnage this October.
“Speed is responsible for about a third of all deaths on our roads and if these cameras slow speeding motorists down, they will save lives,” Mr Ryan said.
“These cameras are located at intersections across the state to deter motorists from flouting the road rules and endangering their own lives and the lives of others.”
Mr Ryan said a number of cameras would be switched on each week and details of their locations would be published on