Thursday, April 26, 2018

Runaway success at Guthrie Street Primary School 

David Lee May 2, 2012

STUDENTS POUNDED THE PAVEMENT… Participant of the Guthrie Street Primary School fun run that was held recently, Year 1 Student, Hannah D’Andrea. Photo: Supplied.STUDENTS and organisers at Guthrie Street Primary School are pleased to report that after recently holding their adidas© School Fun-Run, they managed to raise a grand total of $13,602.90 in vital extra funding.
Students pounded the pavements seeking sponsorship from family, friends and members of the local community in order to raise money for their school. Thanks to their enthusiasm and the support of the local community, extra funds are now available to purchase new resources for the school.
adidas© School Fun-Run organiser, Robert McCartney is extremely proud of the way the students rallied behind the fundraiser. 
“It was great to see so many students supporting their school by collecting sponsorship and participating on the day,” Robert said.
The adidas© School Fun-Run program provides an avenue for schools and community groups to raise extra funding while encouraging students to participate in healthy lifestyle activities.
Adidas are an official partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games, so the adidas© School Fun-Run presents an excellent platform to get students excited and involved about physical activity while they raise extra funding for schools. All schools are invited to participate in the adidas© School Fun-Run by visiting