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sadviser July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,
The Gillard administration has finally come to its senses and lifted the ban on the live cattle export trade. Since the pre-mature decision to ban the trade there has been much criticism from those affected and state leaders, especially from the affected states. Finally, the victims of the panic decision by Senator Ludwig can now start to get their lives and livelihoods back in order.
The lifting of the ban does come with some strings attached and we hope that they won’t be too onerous and prevent the cattle trade from quickly resuming.
The details of the carbon tax, another rush to destruction by the Gillard regime, is about to be announced. If only the Premiers and other leaders of the nation had stood up to the PM as they did with the cattle export ban, this latest impost and wealth grab could have been avoided. But there are many in high finance that are itching to take part in a future trading scheme where ship loads of money will be made… for them. It matters not to the captains of finance how much a carbon tax will affect the middle and lower socioeconomic classes.
By the time the carbon tax has been proven to be a failure (and a hoax) and the living cost for ALL Australians will have risen and some industries driven from the land there will be manufactured a new distraction to occupy the minds of the electorate. In the mean time, the ALP with their Green mates will continue to try and destroy more of this once great country.
Yours sincerely
Jay Nauss

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