Tuesday, April 24, 2018
REPAIR DANGERS… The repair job carried out by the North Eastern Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) on Wyndham Street has a large bump in the bitumen, which was reported to VicRoads by one local cyclist due to the danger it poses in such a high traffic area. Photo: Emma Hillier.

Safety concerns build over crumbling roads

David Lee February 10, 2016

“… a catastrophe waiting to happen”

THERE is more than 4,000km of roads encompassing the Shepparton area and according to concerned locals, many sections of road contain damaged patches and are an accident waiting to happen.
With an array of potholes and seemingly ‘quick fix’ jobs that are now crumbling in areas around the city including along Doyles Road, Wyndham Street, corner of Central Avenue and Benalla Road, McIntosh Street, Gowrie Street and Archer Street, the community is concerned for the safety of all road users and is urging Greater Shepparton City Council and VicRoads to act immediately.
A local resident, who has asked to remain anonymous, spoke with The Adviser about the state of many of Shepparton’s roads providing many photos of locations across the city where there is either damage to roads, or where seemingly incompetent patch up jobs have been carried out and are now causing more of a hazard than before.
“My bike is my only mode of transportation.
“On Doyles Road just before New Dookie Road, where the bike path (shoulder) finishes as you approach the roundabout, there is a section of the shoulder where there has been a repair carried out that is simply dangerous.
“Also, across the road of 399 Wyndham Street (out the front of Primary Care Connect) there has been another repair done that is 80mm high at the peak of the mound. This site is a part of the road that a cyclist would use during peak period.
“The 399 Wyndham Street repair was done in a cavalier manner, lacking foresight and above all safety to vulnerable cyclists. Repairs done at both Wyndham Street and Doyles Road culminate to an extreme degree of culpability of the incompetent managers, supervisors and workers and are both a catastrophe waiting to happen.
“I informed council and VicRoads of the damaged roads in early November 2015 and still, nothing has been done at these two sites.”
A council spokesperson told The Adviser that if someone has a complaint about a council managed road they need to report that to council.
“Our customer service staff need details of the exact location and contact details from the person lodging the complaint. Following a complaint, the issue will be looked at within one working day.
“If the issue is a traffic or pedestrian hazard it will be screened off and signposted until it can be repaired. The repair work will be done as soon as possible but will depend on the situation, such as how busy the road is, how urgent the need is etc. Once the work is complete the person who lodged the complaint will be notified.
“If the road is managed by VicRoads, council will advise VicRoads directly and the matter is dealt with by them. They do not report back to us.
“Council maintains a pro-active inspection schedule of all roads and prioritises any maintenance into a work schedule.”
A VicRoads spokesperson told The Adviser that the North Eastern Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) had carried out repair works on both the Wyndham Street and Doyles Road locations, however upon inspection The Adviser revealed that there is still a large bump in the bitumen at the Wyndham Street site and the Doyles Road site does not look appear to be in any better condition.
“VicRoads undertakes scheduled hazard inspections of its arterial roads pursuant to the Road Management Act 2004 and VicRoads’ Road Management Plan. The Midland Highway and Goulburn Valley Highway are specifically inspected for hazards weekly. All other arterial roads are inspected fortnightly. VicRoads has a patrol based in Shepparton so most roads have ‘unofficial’ inspections daily as the patrols go about their normal duties.
“VicRoads has engaged the NEMA to undertake repairs in VicRoads’ area of operational responsibility, in a contract arrangement between VicRoads and Downer EDI Australia.
“VicRoads bears the cost of repairs on its roads in its areas of operational responsibility (the Arterial Road Network).
“When informed of road damage on its roads the NEMA is notified and the site is inspected and appropriate action taken. Hazards are repaired pursuant to the timeframes specified in VicRoads’ Road Management Plan. Other non-hazardous issues are recorded and programmed for repair.
“With regards to the Wyndham Street site, we had this reported to us in November 2015 and the NEMA repaired the site.
“With the Doyles Road site, these bumps were cut off, sealed and signed off by NEMA and recorded for future stabilisation works. The complainant was advised at the end of January that the repairs have been completed.”