Sunday, March 18, 2018
RELAX ON DECK… Pools and spas abound with plenty of deck space to lay back in a deck chair.

Sailing to America III

Editor July 6, 2016

WE left Fiji last night and today is the first of seven days we will spend at sea, until we arrive in Hawaii. As I said earlier in these stories, this is a relocation cruise, with the ship Explorer of the Seas returning to America from Australia for the summer months.

I decided to sleep in this morning and am being awakened by the sound of my cabin attendant gently knocking on the door. Room service has arrived with my breakfast and I think I’ll have it on the verandah.

Looking out over my orange juice it’s a perfect day. The sunny sky shines down on a near flat, gentle sea and no land can be seen, nor any other ships. The sea is wide and deep. We have (according to the captain) over 3,270m of water under the keel. The Pacific Ocean is the largest single body of water on the planet and covers an area bigger than all the land masses combined. As I look at this mass of ocean I savour my culinary start to the first of the sea days.

Looking at the activities available on board, they have been going on since 7am. There is everything from exercise classes, yoga, tai chi, daily trivia and much more, even the casino has been open since 9am.

I decide to attend morning trivia in the lounge on deck five, following that is learn to play bridge classes, then line dancing on deck 13 and shuffleboard out on deck four.

Well, that’s taken care of the morning, time for a cuppa in one of the six different restaurants on-board. If there is one thing the Explorer of the Seas has it’s plenty of food. You can eat six meals a day if you wish and there is always the Cafe on the Promenade open 24/7.

There is a movie about to start in the main theatre and guess what, the movie is about food; Burnt staring Bradley Cooper.

After the movie it’s time to eat, so up to the Windjammer on deck 11 for the buffet. One has to be careful not to overdo it and start stacking on the ‘kilos.’

After lunch you can grab a good book from the library and relax in a deck chair around the swimming pools and spas; they come in multiples on this ship.

Later I’ll watch the competition on the rock-climbing wall on deck 13 and then the flow rider. Today it’s stand up surfing as this continuous flow of fast moving water provides some spills and thrills for contestants and the watching crowd.

Next it will be time to get dressed for dinner, followed by a floor show in the main theatre, then a nightcap and off to bed, or off to one of the entertainment lounges for more live acts.

Well for me that’s a big day. If the rest of this week is the same I guess I’ll have no trouble handling one week at sea.

It’s now our fourth consecutive day at sea and we have crossed the International Date Line and celebrated two Mondays in a row.

Today we are on the deepest sea in our journey. Our ship is crossing the Mariana Trench and the captain tells us there is 10,000m of water between our keel and the bottom of the trench.

Fellow passengers seem to be taking to the sea days with ease. Lots happening on each deck, from sports to bingo or just lazing around the various pools and spas. Everyone is in a party mood.

Last night we had a formal night and it was great to see the ladies all dressed up for the occasion and the guys looked good too in their dinner suits.

Three more days to go before Honolulu. I’m hoping we may see some whales in the coming days and they tell me it’s still the season to see them in these waters until the end of May.

We have just crossed the equator and everyone is on deck to witness the ceremony as King Neptune boards our ship to pronounce penance on those among the crew and passengers who have been found unworthy to be aboard.

It’s a lot of fun as King Neptune doles out the punishment. Everything from flour to treacle is smeared on the sinners who then have their sins washed away along with the flour.

The crowd loves it. They show no mercy and cheer on the proceedings. Then it’s back to the serious business of sunning by the pool while everyone takes part in a huge barbeque on deck.

It’s another beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sea is flat and the warm barmy weather makes it ideal to be on deck.

We are now in the Northern hemisphere on the North Pacific Ocean and all looks good for continuing our relaxing days at sea.

Until next time,

Safe Travel’n,

Geoff Vallance.