Saturday, March 24, 2018

School zones in force

David Lee February 8, 2012

MOTORISTS are being urged to be extra cautious around schools as students return after the holiday break.
RACV Manager Road User Behaviour, Melinda Congiu said 50 pedestrians were killed in 2011 and primary school students, particularly preps starting school are especially vulnerable around traffic.
“Travelling to and from school whether by car or on foot can be dangerous for children, so motorists must be more vigilant and alert to children near the road particularly during the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.
“Drivers must also remember that school speed zones will be back in force, with reduced speed limits outside schools during the morning arrival and afternoon departure times.”
Ms Congiu warned that motorists also need to be wary when reversing and look out for children walking past their vehicle as well as cyclists and other parked vehicles.
“We are asking people to simply take care when driving near schools. Drive as you would expect other motorists to drive around your own children.”