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sadviser July 12, 2011

Dear Editor,
When my great great great great Grandfather crossed the Murray River at Barmah in 1855, it was long before Cummergunga Mission was even thought of. He went on to Moira lakes and established the Australian Inland Fishing Company with the good wishes of the Bangerang Nation. He had to apply to The Bangerang nation to allow his wife to live at Moira Lakes with him, such was the laws of the Bangerang. We, the community of this present day, have sat back and allowed the past Brumby Government in particular their Environment Minister, Gavin Jennings, to preside over and establish the ‘first stolen generation’ of the 21st century right before our eyes. In the establishing of the Barmah National Park all the ‘so called’ environmentalists and members of the Brumby Government have indeed, initiated the establishment of a new ‘stolen generation’, the Bangerang Nation. Local people involved with Goulburn Valley Environmental Group, Parks Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Goulburn Murray River Catchment Management Authority, local government, councils and other ‘know it all’ environmentalists have assisted the former Government in this crime. I sometimes wonder what these individuals see when they look in their mirrors in the morning. Sadly these individual ‘spoke persons’ have their finger prints all over this process. I also wonder what these people tell their wives, husbands and children at bedtime, knowing full well that they are involved with the implementation of a new ‘stolen generation’, the Bangerang Nation. I’ll bet you it doesn’t get a mention at ‘Chrissy’ time! Our present Aboriginal Minister and member for Shepparton, does not seem to know how to put this right. I hope that she can change this, as it should be.
It only takes ‘the stroke of a pen’ and a lot of ‘guts’ in my opinion.
Meantime, shame on the rest of you for allowing this travesty to happen.
Yours sincerely,
Max Schier

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