Thursday, April 26, 2018

Shepparton residents called on to gather Census data

David Lee July 6, 2016

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is calling on Shepparton residents to participate in the reporting of Census data this year.

The ABS is concentrating on Shepparton because accurate data is required in 2016 to inform planning for vital infrastructure and local services, including schools, health services and transport.

The ABS has already started working with the community to prepare for the Census, employing nearly 80 local residents to run the Census in the Shepparton area.

Shepparton residents can expect to receive a letter from August 1, which will contain instructions and a unique Census login for completing the Census online and directions on how to request a paper form.

Victoria’s Census director, Annette Kelly said it’s critical that everyone in Shepparton and surrounds is counted as part of the Census so that the information collected about the area is as accurate as possible.

“The 2016 Census will reveal important information about how Shepparton’s population, along with its education, employment and housing, has changed over the past five years.

“Census data will support planning, decision-making and funding at all levels of government, which will directly affect everyone here in Shepparton. It will provide the information that helps deliver the services and facilities used in this area every day.”