Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shock Announcement

sadviser June 29, 2011

HEINZ FORCED TO CUT JOBS… Pictured, the Heinz factory at Girgarre which will close within 12 months as announced on Friday. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.Heinz to cut 146 local jobs

By Julie Moore
PRODUCTION was halted on Friday at Heinz Girgarre factory, when the company’s 146 employees were told that their jobs would be phased out over the next 12 months.
The shock decision was announced by company officials, confirming that the factory would be one of two Australian plants to close, affecting 146 Girgarre and 38 Wagga Wagga employees.
Supply Chain Director for Heinz Australia, Mike Robinson said, “This has nothing to do at all with the employees, they have in fact been great. However, Heinz Australia requires improvement in its competitiveness. The Girgarre factory was just no longer viable.”
The decision, which came about in recent days, will mean that production volume will begin a phase out from Girgarre to Heinz at Hastings.
Mr Robinson said, “There may be some opportunity for redeployment, which is the first thing we will try to consider. Employees will have counselling available, which is there now and will continue over the next months, as well as generous redundancies.” 
“This is likely to impact the local community quite hard and it’s the sort of decision which is difficult to make, but will sustain the longevity of Heinz Australia in the long term market.”
Heinz Australia will continue to support more than 1,400 employees throughout their four factories nationwide, which will remain operational in Australia.
Manufacturing resumed as normal on Monday after the announcement, in preparation for the phase out to be exacted.