Skin cancers do not hibernate during winter

THE GV SKIN TEAM… (l-r) Heather Thomas, Gina Baker, Julie Roberts, Dr Wil Chong, and Dr Matthew Wong. Photo: Struan Jones.

WE live in the skin cancer nation, and looking out for melanomas is a reality we must all accept.

While getting a complete skin check may not be top of mind for many people in the depths of winter, it is one of the best times to book an appointment, according to Dr Matthew Wong of the GV Skin and Specialist Centre.

“In winter time, we all tend to cover up in layers and any new spot or changes to the skin may go unnoticed. Hence, this is a good time to get the spots checked by medical professionals,” he said.

A skin check is a simple, 30-minute procedure everyone should have done, especially if you are over 40.

Dr Matthew Wong and Dr Wil Chong at the GV Skin and Specialist Centre will take the time to examine every mole in a relaxed 30-minute appointment.

“People tend to procrastinate and put off the skin check they meant to have,” Dr Chong said.

“Take action now, and book an appointment for a non-invasive skin assessment. If things are picked up early, then you get a better prognosis.”

The GV Skin and Specialist Centre is located at 20 Wyndham St, Shepparton, and can be contacted on (03) 5820 0500.