Smoke Haze and its effects on the community.

SMOKE HAZE IS A HEALTH HAZARD… looking across Shepparton towards the GV Health disappearing in the haze. Photo: Katelyn Morse

The last few weeks have seen much of Victoria shrouded in smoke haze. According to reports, the haze from the Alpine and Gippsland fires has circumnavigated the earth and can be seen from space.

Of course, the local situation in the Goulburn Valley has been dramatic with the haze blanking out visibility within a few hundred metres.

The issues for many people is the effect that those with respiratory problems have been experiencing. According to a spokesperson from GV Health, there has not been any noticeable spike in respiratory problems to date so it may well be confined to areas closer to the fires.

Fortunately, with the rain, the fires have been quelled and the haze has all but disappeared giving people affected some respite. Many people have also curbed outdoor activities while the haze has been about while some events in the Greater Shepparton City Council’s Activities in the Park had to be cancelled.

Anyone experiencing breathing issues or difficulties as a consequence of the haze should refer to their doctor or in extreme cases, seek assistance at their local medical facility.