Snakes are on the move


AS WE move out of the cold winter months into summer, snakes are coming out of their winter hibernation to bask in the sun and search for food and a mate.

With the recent sunny weather meaning more people are spending time outdoors, you may encounter a snake.

The three most common snakes in this area are the eastern brown snake, tiger snakes and red belly black snakes. All are highly venomous but it is rare they will bite people unless they try to catch or kill them.

Just last week while out jogging on his lunch break, Mathieu Ryan from The Adviser spotted a brown snake slithering across the walking track behind the Water Transfer Station on Welsford Street.

Please remember, if you see a snake, keep calm and move away from the area. Don’t attempt to capture or harm a snake, call 136 186 for advice or call a licensed snake catcher. Learn how to deal with a snake bite and if bitten, call 000 immediately.

Snakes play an important role in our natural ecosystem and they are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. It is illegal to kill or harm them.