Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Speeding offenders less common

sadviser July 27, 2011

KEEPING DRIVERS ACCOUNTABLE… Shepparton Highway Patrol operate speed cameras more frequently than other areas in the State with similar populations. Pictured, Leading Senior Constable, Dan Perrett. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.More frequent camera use in region may be responsible

By Nadia Surace
NEW data from Victoria Police which shows people in Shepparton are far from the State’s worst speeding offenders is more encouraging than you think, says Shepparton Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant, Des Wright.
Sgt Wright says that because speed cameras are operated in Greater Shepparton region more frequently than in other areas with similar populations in Victoria, the number of offences that occur locally are in reality comparatively much lower than the data indicates. 
“We were ranked in twentieth spot on the list of places where the most speeding offenders live,” Sgt Wright said. 
“In Shepparton we have to operate speed cameras for a minimum of 255 hours as compared to other similarly populated places where they’re operated for around 150 hours. That’s a big reason for the figures.
“The fact that people are aware we’re out there more often is probably what makes them slow down. Others never learn and re-offend over and over.”
Sgt Wright says cameras are operated more frequently in the area because of voluntary increases to local regulations, which were made by former Shepparton Highway Patrol officers.
“They obviously thought it was a good idea to increase the number of hours cameras are used here,” Sgt Wright said.
The Victoria Police data showed 915 speed offences in Shepparton for the 2009 – 2010 financial year.