Starting the school year with some quality H2O

THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER… St Georges Road Primary School grade 4 students, Amber and Serena testing the differences between tap and bottled water. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Did you know that one plastic bottle of water can cost the same as 3,000 litres from the tap, and that one bottle can also take more than 450 years to break down?

Last Tuesday, February 4, St Georges Road Primary School held several activities and games themed around water to coincide with their pledge to become a Water Only school. The Water Only program, run by Goulburn Valley Water, encourages people to choose tap water for its health, environmental and financial benefits.

With 450 students, St Georges Road Primary School is the largest school to sign up to the program alongside more than 70 workplaces, schools, kindergartens, and playgroups in the region.

Activities focused on how much sugar is in popular drinks, the low cost of tap water, healthy snack food options, and what impact bottled drinks can have on the environment.

St Georges Road Primary School principal, Dougie Souter said, “We want to encourage our students to strive for their best, and encouraging them to drink more water will help them focus more on their learning throughout the day.”

To find out more about becoming a Water Only workplace, school, kindergarten or playgroup, call 5832 4869 or email [email protected]