Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stickers to help fight against pedestrian deaths

David Lee August 3, 2016

LOCAL residents are being urged to help make streets safer by applying ‘life saving’ stickers to their garbage wheelie bins, and curb the rising statistics surrounding pedestrian deaths.

The large stickers, which feature life-size images of children stepping towards the road and speed limit signs, are designed to provide a strong visual road safety reminder to motorists.

The images are based on research which found that signs that depicted motion, resulted in faster reaction times and increased vigilance among would-be drivers, which could ultimately lead to faster stopping times.

Australian Road Safety Federation (ASRF) CEO, Russell White said, “Between January and May this year 67 pedestrians were killed on Australian roads, of which seven were under the age of 16. If trends continue the number could reach or even exceed last year’s number of 165.

“Drivers need to be sent a reminder that is visual and available to them when they are on the road.

“If someone is exceeding the speed limit, we hope these stickers will prompt them to immediately slow down. Even small changes in vehicle speed can have a dramatic impact on stopping distances.

“We also know that the statistics show fatalities are higher on week days when over 82 percent of this year’s fatalities have been recorded.”

The life-size stickers are available at a cost of $10 each, plus postage.

Residents interested in purchasing a sticker for their bin can contact the ARSF hotline on 1300 723 843 or email [email protected]