Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stop sign for Labuan Road

Editor February 22, 2012

THE installation of a stop sign at the notorious Labuan Road intersection near Numurkah is an interim measure in resolving the long term changes needed according to The Nationals Member for Murray Valley, Tim McCurdy.
“This intersection has highest priority for improvement, he said, and I have been working closely with Graham Freestone and Vic Roads to get a solution.
“Whilst the stop sign is an interim measure, it is one I believed was necessary until longer term measures can be put in place.
“I have also met with the Mayor of Moira Shire, Alex Monk, and Shire chief executive officer, and it is our intention to hold a public meeting as a follow-up to last year’s public meeting, at which a number of major concerns were raised.
“Ideally, we will have some answers for the community at this meeting.
“Last year’s community meeting called for an off-set intersection and stop signs, but it is clear motorists need to pay attention and slow down.
“I believe we are closer to resolving the issues at this intersection, which tragically has been the scene of four fatalities and seven serious injuries as a result of some 12 accidents since June 2006. There have been four serious crashes in the area in the past 12 months. Then there are the near misses.
“What is concerning is VicRoads’ figures show traffic has increased threefold since Labuan Road was sealed, and the speed at which people are travelling has risen from around 80km/h to nearer 140km/h. Speeds like this simply can’t be tolerated.
“People are clearly ignoring the rumble strips and give way signs and I just hope they will take more notice of a stop sign,” Mr McCurdy concluded.