Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Strategic plan for community

sadviser February 21, 2012

A VIBRANT DISTRICT… The Dookie and District Development Forum (DDDF) have prepared and released the Dookie and District Community Plan for 2012. Pictured from left, DDDF Members, Ruth Horton and Tony Moylan, and Chair, Steve Bowmaker. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.By David Lee
WORKING towards building a progressive community and increasing the values that already make Dookie a vibrant district, the Dookie and District Development Forum Committee (DDDF) have put together and released the 2012 Dookie and District Community Plan.
In a bid to see key elements of the plan endorsed by council in March, the DDDF have been working with the surrounding community and council to develop a strategic plan that reflects the current aspirations of the Dookie community as well as the districts five year outlook.
Dookie and District Development Forum Chair, Steve Bowmaker said the forum committee is glad to liase with government to assist with the development of Dookie and help the other 60 community groups in the area achieve their goals.
“The DDDF has plans to assist with linking surrounding communities with Dookie and build on infrastructure for sustainable growth.
“We are also working to enhance and display the region’s cultural heritage through a historical museum and youth services through a modular skate park which will complement the works we have already achieved on the recreation reserve, and the Country Women’s Association Gardens,” Mr Bowmaker said.
The DDDF are currently seeking wider community input on the plans before they are put forward to council this coming March. For further information or to obtain a copy of the plan for review visit www.greatershepparton.com.au drop into the Customer Service area at Greater Shepparton City Council’s Welsford Street office, or at the General Store at Dookie. For enquiries phone Steve Bowmaker on 0419 332 949.