Substantial capital works slows business in CBD

A REGION UNDER CONSTRUCTION… There is a significant amount of roadworks and construction on the roads at the moment in Shepparton’s CBD, which is impacting local businesses. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

CONSTRUCTION works are underway throughout Greater Shepparton in an effort to reduce vehicle speeds and provide safer conditions for pedestrians.

Work is underway at the corner of Fryers Street and Maude Street, Fryers Street and Corio Street, North Street and Stewart Street, Corio Street between Vaughan Street and Ashenden Street, as well as significant work along Maude Street between Ashenden Street and High Street in preparation for the new bus interchange.

Council has informed that several of the works will see pedestrian crossings improved throughout Shepparton by the end of June.

“Council has worked closely with Jarvis Delahey Contractors to minimise impact on traffic flow and ensure that pedestrian access is available at all times,” Mayor, Cr Kim O’Keeffe said.

However businesses in the Fryers Street area say the works have been significantly detrimental to their businesses, causing a substantial loss of income.
“The first week I was down about 30 percent. It really has significantly impacted my business,” said Aussie Hotel business owner, Paul Tsorbaris.

The works at crossings on Fryers Street, Corio Street and North Street are being performed simultaneously and involve creating raised pedestrian crossings (similar to those at the Vaughan Street shopping area), to encourage drivers to slow down and be more careful when approaching the crossings.

“Rather than do one job at a time, which would make more sense to me, they’re doing all three at once which is what’s really disturbing things – seems really disorganised to me,” said Mr Tsorbaris, who took his complaints to council directly.

“They (council) were quite responsive, putting on more people, who started doing longer hours, so it’s gotten better. They’re supposed to finish in two weeks – but yeah we’ll see. There’s a lot of businesses that have been affected,” he said.

The current works on the Fryers and Maude Street site will see the biggest set of works, with the whole intersection being raised by 100mm.

With works edging closer to completion, Cr. O’Keeffe said, “We appreciate the patience of Greater Shepparton businesses and residents while these works are being completed and we are committed to working with businesses and contractors to minimise the impacts of the projects on businesses in the area.”