Survey on local labour shortages


GREATER Shepparton is a lucky region built by the skilled hands of workers from across the globe. Over the years, migrant programs have proved beneficial to strengthening the local economy and ensuring the continued growth of business and industry.

Currently, Greater Shepparton City Council, Moira Shire and Campaspe Shire are releasing a survey to ascertain the requirement in our region for Designated Area Migrant Agreement (DAMA).

The councils are keen to survey all businesses in the municipal regions to determine labour market shortages in the combined area. The aim of the survey is to obtain information as to what migrant programs are currently being utilised by businesses and why they may or may not be fulfilling their labour requirements.

Greater Shepparton City Council CEO, Peter Harriott said the new survey will help form the basis for the potential for a DAMA in our region, should the need be demonstrated.

A DAMA sees a certain number of migrants able to work full time in our region for a certain period with the ability to apply for permanent residency after four years, at the earliest.

“The enables migrants to establish themselves within our regions and become part of our community providing employees for roles previously unable to be filled long term by Australian citizens,” Mr Harriott said.

The survey provides information on key aspects of this potential agreement between our regions and the Federal Government such as minimum pay rates, skills requirements, English Language Testing and concessions for migrants.

Migrant programs form a small component of regional skills and employment and this program is about filling long-term vacancies that have not been able to be filled by the usual means.

Businesses within the three municipalities have from now until November 9, 2019, to participate in the survey, which can be found on Greater Shepparton City Council’s website at