Taekwondo Interclub competition in Shepparton

KORYO TAEKWONDO COMPETION IN SHEPPARTON… 100 players line up to test their skills. Photo: Will Adams

Taekwondo is one of those dedicated sports that can take a lifetime to fully master.

Head instructor of Koryo Taekwondo, Shepparton, Sam Rachele brought together 100 players of the martial art with differing skills and ranging in ages from five to 50, to test their skills in competition, some for the first time.  

According to Sam, “The kids had a great time. It was a lot of fun. It was more of an introduction for kids, some who have never competed before to try out and see if they want to go on to compete. It was good for the parents as well as they got to watch their kids in competition.”

The event has been taking place now for several years, the last 3 have been in Shepparton with around 30 players from Shepparton while most of the others came up from Melbourne.