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sadviser August 4, 2011

Dear Editor
There is growing community concern regarding Mr Baillieu’s choice to cut funding for the Take-a-Break occasional childcare program.
Take-a-Break is a vital service for Victorian families operating out of neighbourhood houses and community centres.
In many towns and communities across Victoria, Take-a-Break is the only type of childcare available.
By scrapping it, the Baillieu Government is leaving many families without an opportunity to have a few spare hours when they need it, so they can go to appointments, undertake study and have some time to “take a break.”
My family has had first-hand experience with Take-a-Break, and like many families, found the flexibility of occasional care suited us well.
As you may be aware, in June 2010 the previous Labor Government stepped in to provide the full funding for the continuation of Take-a-Break at over 220 centres across the state.
The Baillieu Government has refused to provide funding beyond the end of this year for Take-a-Break. I have recently visited a number of neighbourhood houses and community centres to hear about the effect this cut will have and it’s clear to me that it will hurt Victorian families.
State Governments in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia all fund their respective occasional childcare programs, so why doesn’t Mr Baillieu? Surely Mr Baillieu can find room in the Education Department’s Budget for the $2 million needed to save Take-a-Break.
The Labor Opposition will continue the campaign to have this funding restored until Mr Baillieu comes to his senses and properly funds Take-a-Break.
Yours sincerely, Daniel Andrews MP
Leader of the Opposition

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