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sadviser July 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
Across the state, parents and childcare workers are angry about the Baillieu Government’s decision to axe the popular ‘Take-a-Break’ program.
Recently a large group of concerned parents, children and childcare workers protested on the steps of Parliament and presented me with a petition with more than 3,000 signatures, pleading with the Baillieu Government to re-instate Take-a-Break.
Children’s Minister Wendy Lovell was invited to address the crowd but failed to appear. Ms Lovell, like everyone else in the Baillieu Government, chose to hide behind the doors of Parliament instead of listening to the group’s concerns.
Ms Lovell has failed to acknowledge Take-a-Break was funded by the previous Labor Government before the Coalition took office last year. What’s more, State Governments in NSW, SA, WA and Queensland all fund their respective programs without assistance from the Federal Government.
If it is good enough for the other states to fund similar programs why isn’t it good enough for the Baillieu Government to support Take-a-Break in Victoria?
It is becoming clear the Baillieu Government doesn’t understand the needs of Victorian families who are sick of the finger pointing and evasive tactics of the Baillieu Government.
Yours sincerely,
Jenny Mikakos
Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Children and Young Adults

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