Taking on the world on a bike for the climate and peace


IT isn’t often that you get the chance to meet somebody that is such an inspiration, but I had the chance to do just that when I sat down with 30 year old Indian resident, Abhishek Kumar Sharma to talk about his would tour on a bicycle.

Last week, Abhishek made his way through Shepparton after having already ridden 52,400km and visited 40 countries and three other continents before making his way to Australia.

Abhishek said, “I am an ecologist and am completing this ride, which involves visiting 90 countries, six continents and travelling 95,000km, to raise awareness of climate change and world peace.

“It is a symbolic bike ride. On average I ride 100km per day on my 47kg bike. I carry with me very little; three litres of water, three days of food as well as emergency clothing, a tent and sleeping bag.

“I started my journey in India four years ago and will be travelling until 2020 where I will finish up back in India. My next stop will be Wangaratta and then I will make my way up to Brisbane before heading over to New Zealand.

“I have no corporate sponsorship but have had many wonderful people helping along the way with food, accommodation and more.

“I have met so many people along the way including many mayors, the Indian president, senators, ministers and parliamentarians including the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews.

“I have faced a lot of challenges including dealing with -14ºC weather, over 45ºC as well as trying conditions with wind.

“Every country has unique and special features and they are all wonderful in their own way.

“Humanity is everywhere. People are good and helpful. According to me the world is beautiful and colourful and we need peace and love for all of us.”

If you want to keep up with Abhishek’s journey, follow him on Facebook or visit www.abhishekkumarsharma.com