Saturday, March 24, 2018

Taxi bookings made easy

sadviser August 31, 2011

EASIER BOOKING SERVICE… Pictured, Shepparton Taxis Pty Ltd Taxi Owner/Operator, Paul Hosie. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.LOCALLY operated Shepparton Taxis Pty Ltd are committed to improving safety, quality and access to a range of its taxi services to meet the needs of their local community.
With this in mind, Shepparton Taxis Pty Ltd (131-008) are excited to introduce two new products which will be available in August, Pre-Paid Taxi vouchers and a Premium SMS booking service.
Pre-Paid Taxi Vouchers will simplify taxi payments and support the community in providing safe and reliable “door to door” transport for children, staff, family and friends. These vouchers come in pre-printed $10 amounts or a voucher(s) to the value of your choice.
Shepparton Taxis Chairman, Stephen Armstrong said, “More and more of our clients are discovering the convenience of keeping a stock of pre-paid vouchers, as they are ‘non-spendable’ other than in our taxis and will be treated as ‘cash’ by our Shepparton taxi drivers, so you will receive change back where applicable.”
SMS 1999 0008 Booking service is also a simple alternative, you can now SMS your request for a taxi in a simple easy to use format. To book a taxi from anywhere in the Greater Shepparton area, simply text “she” followed by your pick up address for a maximum pick up of four passengers.
For more information, contact Shepparton Taxis Pty Ltd 24 hours, 7 days per week on telephone 131 008.