Tuesday, February 20, 2018
A COMFORTABLE DRIVE… Local resident, Gary Eckel was glad last year that he had the chance to buy the car of his dreams; a Mercedes. Photos: David Lee.

The car of his dreams

David Lee July 12, 2017

IT has always been a car he dreamed of getting, and last year, local resident, Gary Eckel made the decision to buy a Mercedes.

Growing up in the small township of Minyip, Gary noticed one Mercedes driving around, which drew his attention each time he saw it and now, his dreams have come true, after buying a 2015 Mercedes C200.

Gary said, “Seeing the Mercedes driving around town when I was growing up made me want one.

“It’s great to have now gotten one. It really is a fantastic car to drive. I’ve owned a lot of cars, but this is by far the best.

“It is fitted out with the latest technology including satellite navigation, parking assist, keyless start and sunroof. It steers well, is packed with safety features. It’s got everything.

“I notice the difference mostly when I go on long trips. It’s quite comfortable and relaxing to drive and you never get tired of it.”