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sadviser June 13, 2012

Dear Editor,
July 1 is fast approaching and then it will be look out, Armageddon is upon us with the dreaded Carbon Tax about to destroy all our lives. Well that is what the tabloids, other media outlets and ‘shock jocks’, along with opponents of our current federal government are telling us. Strangely, I believe otherwise, as I have experienced this sort of drivel before. Remember the introduction of the GST? Many of us, including myself, were horrified at what was about to happen. We all know what followed the introduction of the GST. We adjusted and moved on to worry about something else. I well remember the introduction of the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) when a well known Shepparton restauranteur, appeared in the press suggesting that his business would disappear once the FBT was introduced. That restaurant is still functioning and, I suspect, doing nicely. In recent times we have seen, on our local TV news, several farmers, plus others, voicing their concerns particularly in regards to increased costs. Some of these may have political motives whilst others genuine concerns. However there does not seem to be a widespread movement by our farming community against this tax. No marches through the streets of Shepparton, no convoys to Canberra or even rowdy public meetings. This indicates that our farming community, along with the rest of us, is already planning what changes will be needed in order to cope with this new expense. One thing is certain – the only way that we can be made to change our wasteful habits is through our collective ‘hip pocket nerves’!
Yours sincerely,
Bill Brown

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