Dear Editor,

The man who would be PM Bill Shorten has been asked what his climate change policies would cost?  Not once, but five times by a young journalist from the Ten Network. Bill skated and fudged whilst not answering the question. All voters need policy detail and costing so they can work out whether they will be better or worse off.

As an example, a Toyota HiLux costs the average family around $50,000.  Under the opposition policy, in order to meet their electric car policy of 50 percent by 2030, they plan to introduce a carbon tax on cars, using the Norway model. This will result in the Toyota costing $62,000, based on a formula that charges you an extra fee per kilometre where your carbon emissions exceed a designated base. Norway’s fossil fuel excise puts petrol at $3 a litre and they add a weight tax. Now your Toyota HiLux costs over $90,000. No wonder Bill doesn’t want you to know their real intention.

To date the renewable subsidy has led to under investment in base load power, namely coal fired power. Our energy bills have more than doubled based on our Paris target of 25 percent. Ask yourself what will happen to your energy bill, standard of living and business if we target 45 percent? Cost to Economy $60B!

Goodbye Jobs, Goodbye Economy!

Yours sincerely,

Simon Forbes

Sydney, NSW