The Greater Shepparton Response

WORKING WITH COMMUNITY GROUPS TO CREATE A RESPONSE… Committee for Greater Shepparton CEO, Sam Birrell is part of a consortium to provide a community and business response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Katelyn Morse

The rapid acceleration of events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has been the catalyst for community and business groups around the nation to look at how we might effectively pass through this with the least damage possible.

The Committee for Greater Shepparton along with the Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Greater Shepparton City Council, Lighthouse, Tourism Greater Shepparton, Shepparton Show Me, Fairley Leadership along with Growing Regional Opportunities for Work have been working together to prepare an effective response for the community to adapt.

There are two main problems, health of the community (particularly vulnerable) and health of the business sector in the face of an economic downturn.

The overall effort is called the Greater Shepparton Response.

Committee for Greater Shepparton CEO, Sam Birrell said, “The Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the risk it poses to the community and the damage it will impose on life and business. It is imperative that the Greater Shepparton community work collaboratively and pull together to lessen the impact.”

The key is the Greater Shepparton Response Business 2 Business Website (to be launched this week) which can have streams focused on support for the business community (cross deployment of workforce, information sharing, supply chain support locally etc) and community (food supplies for the vulnerable, health support, information, care for the elderly).

The site will contain a directory and a noticeboard. This way, businesses can communicate what they need (employees, supplies etc.) and other businesses can respond with assistance if they can give it.

The site will also try to provide some information and support on how to deal with various situations.

Don’t miss next week’s The Adviser for further information about this important local initiative.