Thursday, April 26, 2018
SHOW READY… Local resident, Mario Mazzeo and his father, Reno have been working on an XE Falcon together for the past nine years, which is now finished and show ready. Photos: Julie Moore.


David Lee September 16, 2015

PEOPLE across the Cobram community may have noticed a rumbling through the town, with the ‘KOLPRT’ being an XE Falcon that has been worked on and modified for show by local father and son, Reno and Mario Mazzeo.
When Mario was 17 he never thought that blowing the gear box and ‘diff’ of his XE Falcon would lead to a nine year project between he and his dad, to turn the car into a show stopper that featured in popular magazine Street Machine earlier this year.
The new look, VE Atomic Green Falcon now boasts slight changes in the body including XF tail lights and a drop tank as well as an ESP front end, custom grill and a V8 XR8 bulge in the bonnet to accommodate for the motor; a 351 Windsor stroked out to a 459.
Mario said, “After blowing the gear box and diff, dad had a few ideas with it and so we decided to work on fixing it up together.
We are looking at entering it into a show in October and possibly at this weekend’s Performance Car Mania at Winton Motor Raceway.
“I chose KOLPRT as the number plate, because when people turn to ask what is that making all the noise, they’ll turn and see it is the KOLPRT (culprit).
“The colour is amazing. To me the whole thing is perfect and it’s the only car in Cobram to have been in an issue of Street Machine.
“Working on the car with dad has been awesome. Words can’t describe how good he is.”