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sadviser July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,
Occasionally I hear Australia referred to as the “lucky country” and it makes me wonder exactly what they mean by it. Many Australians have worked long and hard for what they have. No luck involved there!  Did the phrase develop in appreciation of our democratic society that happens to be based on Christian values perhaps?  Or, maybe we are seen as a land of opportunity and regarded as being lucky for that.  Thanks to Lynne Wilkinson, CEO of Ausbuy`s summary of Australia’s approach to free trade in the June 29 Adviser, I now have a better understanding.  We certainly are a land of opportunity, especially for other countries.  I think though, they may have some other derogatory adjectives to describe us as they laugh behind our backs.  No, I would use “lucky” because with all the mismanagement, apathy and deceit in our trading system, we are lucky to have maintained our standard of living as long as we have.  More is the shame that our intelligent farmers continue to be undermined by some short-sighted authorities.
Yours sincerely
Chris Dwyer

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