The pandemic isn’t over


WITH restrictions being relaxed, the number of Coronavirus cases steadily declining, and some states and regions having no confirmed new cases in weeks, some of us may start to think that we’ve beaten it, that we’ve won the war against this invisible enemy. But that’s unfortunately not the case.

The hard reality is that this virus is going to be affecting our lives for some time to come, whether directly or not. And yes, that may be difficult to hear, and of course we don’t want this to be the new normal, but it is. We’ve all done our part to flatten the curve and reduce the spread, but we can’t afford to become complacent now.

Yes, we can go outside, we can visit friends and family, and we have a bit more freedom. But as the saying goes, with freedom comes great responsibility, and although it may be a cliché, it most definitely rings true. We must continue to follow the social distancing rules. We must continue to keep on top of our hygiene. And if you don’t need to leave the house for one of the five necessary reasons (shopping for essentials, visiting family and friends, caregiving, exercise, or work and education), then you must stay home.

Australia has always been known as the lucky country and when you look at how the virus has affected other countries around the world, the nickname definitely fits. But we don’t want to get our hopes up and we don’t want to encourage a second wave. How do we prevent a second wave? Easy, by continuing to follow the social distancing rules and by staying home.