Monday, March 19, 2018

The path to success

sadviser July 28, 2011

MODEL STUDENT… Pictured, local Violet Town resident and mother-of-two, Sarah Lea King is one step closer to completing her Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting thanks to the support of La Trobe Shepparton. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.LOCAL Violet Town resident and mother-of-two, Sarah Lea King is one step closer to achieving her goal of completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting thanks to some very hard work and the support of La Trobe Shepparton.
Sarah’s desire for further education and a better understanding of the way the world works began several years ago. Sarah said, “I was a mature age entrant.  I’d started my degree at Deakin in Geelong and transferred to La Trobe Shepparton after ‘first year’ when I got married and moved to my husband’s property near Violet Town.”
Sarah said, “I wanted a specific skill base I could draw upon in the future and some insight into the world.”
The road hasn’t been straight forward for Sarah. As you could appreciate studying, regional remoteness and two beautiful but busy boys, 3-year-old Isaac and 9-month-old Carter, have meant that Sarah’s dedication had to be unwavering. 
“Uni is really hard work. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re not getting the best out of their course.” 
Sarah said she’s been lucky to have wonderful support, “My husband has taken long-service leave at half-pay so that I can complete my degree this year and he looks after the boys while I study.”
Sarah said she feels fortunate for the opportunities she’s had. “I have not had to complete my degree by correspondence.   I have made interesting contacts, new friends and I believe that for me, studying in Shepparton has been the best possible way I could have integrated into the new community where I’d moved. I’ve been so happy here.”  
“The Shepparton campus is such a great place to be. The teachers and staff are positive, encouraging and approachable and I’ve found other students to be very focused and friendly.”
More than that, Sarah said it’s the entire experience, which has meant the most to her. “I remember the semester I gave birth to our first son and returned two weeks later to complete a mid-semester test.  My husband waited outside with the pram and at the end of the test the lecturer and lots of my classmates came out to say hello to the baby!  I’d never experienced anything quite like it and I passed the test too!”