Thursday, April 26, 2018
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL… Local Toolamba resident, Bryce Johnston has wanted a 1964 Lincoln Continental for many years, and a few months ago he managed to get his hands on one of the cars, better known as the president’s car. Photos: Emma Hillier.

The president’s car

David Lee January 13, 2016

IT has been a dream of local Toolamba resident, Bryce Johnston for many years to own a 1964 Lincoln Continental and finally, two months ago, he realised his dream of owning the car known as the president’s car.
The sleek, black, all electric Lincoln with suicide doors, 430 big block engine, 3 speed auto with six seats and 22 inch wheels is the same type of vehicle that John F Kennedy was being driven in when he was assassinated.
Bryce said, “I’ve wanted one for years and came across one online a few months ago so I went and picked it up.
“It’s a great car to go cruising in with mates.
“It has been painted black and had rims put on, otherwise it is as it was when it came out of the factory.
“You look at it and just go wow it is just a big slab of metal. It’s a very unique vehicle and nowadays you don’t get many unique vehicles being made. It’s one of only three Lincoln’s in Shepparton but is the only 1964 model that I know of in the area.”