Sunday, March 18, 2018

The rise of the Phoenix

Editor October 14, 2015

WHAT started out as a backyard project has turned out to be the ultimate in family cars, with local car enthusiast, Jason Traianidis and his whole family falling in love with the 1965 Dodge Phoenix.
Jason has owned the Dodge for 15 years now and prior to that, it had been owned by Jason’s brother-in-law for around the same amount of time.
Jason said, “The car is actually an original Shepparton car. My brother-in-law bought it off of a local family whose grandfather had owned it since new, back in the day. It had been their original family car, before passing it down to their son and our family bought it after that.
“I’ve always liked the Dodge and at the time, I was ready for a project and it was a great opportunity. The Dodge Phoenix is a bit different to the Chevrolets of that era, which were more popular. There’s not too many of the Dodge Phoenix’s getting around and I like that.”
The car wasn’t in bad condition when Jason acquired it, it just needed some upgrades and a little bit of care. To date, the project has been a labour of love with a complete restoration including engine overhaul, paint, interior, breaks and detailing throughout.
Now a days, Jason shows the car at automotive events from time to time, but mainly he just likes to get it out on the weekend and drive it with his family.
Jason said, “The kids love it and I just genuinely love driving it, I don’t want it to just sit and look pretty. It’s a driving car.”